All I want for Christmas is......

I was thinking about Christmas morning.  My husband, bless his dear heart, is a hard-working guy. He is an extremely giving and generous fella, but he has no time for shopping.  Although he wants to have a beautifully wrapped gift for me under the tree, and he wants it to be everything my heart desires, I usually have to handle the shopping and wrapping for myself.  

Friends, I am not complaining. He works and works and works taking care of others, and this he does selflessly, and I am honored to be married to such a giving man. As I am sure many of you can relate, he often finds himself at a loss on December 23 or 24th, and comes to me with a heavy heart admitting that he has not had time to purchase gifts.  After 37 years of marriage, I have come to understand his dilemma and I am always prepared to put his mind at ease.  "I've taken care of it.  You got me a _____________ (insert gift of or related to sewing and quilting here)." I even wrap it and put it under the tree.  He loves to see the expression on my face when I open his gift on Christmas morning, and I get a kick out of seeing the expression on his face when he first sees what he got for me. It's a pretty good arrangement.  I ALWAYS get what I want. Getting the perfect gift for your loved one is difficult for many reasons! It occurs to me that this dilemma is probably the norm.

Well I have come up with a plan to soothe the worried hearts of quilter's spouses at Christmas time.  Friends, browse Fenwick Fabrics, and make your selections and send me your wish lists along with your spouse's email address.  I will deliver your lists to "Santa" via email with links to your selections, and simple ordering instructions. Santa will then only need to go to and make the selections based on your wish lists. All wish list orders will arrive beautifully wrapped at no additional charge, ready to be placed under the tree for Christmas morning. Let's face it, only you can pick your favorite fabrics, but you don't have to buy them for yourselves this year.  

Send me your wish list lickity-split! Orders must be received by December 18th for Christmas deliveries.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! With love, 

Sue Fenwick2 Comments