All shipping within the United States is free.


The shipping cost shown on your sales slip is an estimate.  You will be charged only the cost of the actual postage plus shipping materials.  Our web site will charge on a weight basis in three flat rates: small padded envelope, medium flat rate box, and large flat rate box.. For some international orders, the shipping cost shown for your order will be too high.  We will evaluate the postage for all international orders  and correct the cost when necessary.

For International orders, we can fit up to 11 yards of quilting weight fabric (not Home Dec or Laminated)  into the US Postal Service Priority Mail International Padded Flat Rate Envelopes.  A flat rate envelope costs $59.50 for most countries except Canada which costs $41.50. The website will calculate postage based on weight.  We will make corrections as needed and refund any overpayment of postage.

There is also a Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box costing $76.00 for all countries except Canada which costs $46.00.  Depending on your location, flat rate boxes become more economical for orders over about 15 to 18 yards. Finally, there is a Large Flat Rate Box that costs $96.00 for all countries except Canada, which costs $60.00 .The web site does not calculate postage for these boxes correctly. If your order fits in a flat rate box, the charges shown on your sales slip will be too high.  We will reduce the charge to the flat rate and makes refunds as necessary.

If you want us to split your order into smaller packages to save on shipping, please put that request on your order form. 

In addition to the price of the fabric and the cost of the postage, you may have to pay additional import duties or taxes when you receive your order.

International orders usually arrive within two to three weeks.  Occasionally, they take much longer.  We believe this is because of Customs Service delays in the destination country.  You must allow up to six weeks for delivery before we will consider an order lost and replace it.  Fortunately, this happens very, very rarely.

If your order is returned to us because the address is incorrect or you refused it, declined to pay the import duties, or failed to pick it up from your post office, we will refund the purchase price of the fabric but not the postage cost.